Almost Twins

Its double the trouble
But four times the fun
You need two to tango
Not only just one

Having closely spaced kids is like almost having twins. Except you have to go through the labor pains twice – and the second time is even before you have forgotten the first ones. The first two to three years are hard. Tough. You have no idea what has hit you – a hurricane maybe.

I was off alcohol and sleep (and theme park rides) for a good span of 4 – 4.5 years. For four years, either I was pregnant or nursing. We spent a fortune on them diapers. A casual trip to the nearby park or mall meant packing a luggage that will shame international travelers. Also ended up having two of everythings – one pink and one blue. Sweaters, caps, toys, blankets, sippy cups, et all.

Another interesting aspect was the range and variety of reactions we got from friends, family and strangers – on announcing the good news yet again, with a baby sitting on my waist. Almost all were accompanied by raised eyebrows widened eyes and an open mouth. “Woww!”, “Again?”, “Really? How will they manage?”, “Boy! These guys are faster than bunnies!” Out aloud – almost all of them said – “Nice! congratulations!” Except for a 6 year old – who actually said “Again???”

All said and done, my little girl is now 8 and her brother is 6.5 years. Things have never been easier. I am way past the bottles, diapers, sleeplessness era. My obstetric career is out of the way, and professional career has taken off. For the last few years now, I havent had to entertain them. They would just play together, talk, read and keep each other company. They have become the best of buddies and are one unit. I believe a sibling is the best gift you can give to your child. I remember my own childhood wouldn’t be the same without my dear brother – who was always there – to play, to fight, to annoy, to take care of, to compete and to love. A sibling is a first friend.

To come back to the point of this post – all you mums out there.. who are contemplating a second child, I would recommend that if all things are well, just go for it. Now is the best time. 🙂

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One Response to Almost Twins

  1. Chebbs says:

    I had to almost laugh out loud when I read your description of packing the diaper bag, and buying two of everything – a pink and blue! So true! Well, I'm not yet out of the sleepless era but I can tell right now when I see the two of them munchkins together unsupervised that …yep, it's the best gift we could ever give them! Amen to that.SC

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