The balancing act…

I am a working mom of eight year old Dottie and six and a half year old Sonny. We did our regular 7 year stint in the US during the IT boom of late nineties, and planned and successfully returned back home (R2Ied) as they say. After a rough ride for the first couple of years of re-adjusting and re-learning the ways of life here, we are happily settled in our motherland. Its been about five years now. I run a tight ship managing two energetic young critters and a fulltime job as an IT professional. My life revolves around homeworks, school projects, birthday parties, work projects, deadlines, late night meetings, spouses work related travel, cooks and maids and their issues, family and community functions etc. Loved ones have labeled me the hyper control freak “Monica Geller” at times. But it is a balancing act – and you have to find your own balance. And work for it. I try hard. And I enjoy trying. Not that I havent dropped the ball…but I did manage to get up, gather them and start again!

Being a reader of numerous blogs, many of them by amazing mothers, I always wondered why I dont write. It is a wonderful way to share your life and reach out to many known and unknown folks out there. You never know how anyone will touch your life and your heart and in what way.

So here I am – as a part of the new year resolution, as I approach the mid 30s of my life, I am reviving this dead blog of mine, which I tried to start a few years ago and very cruelly abandoned it. I plan to jot down my thoughts, my occasional poems, experiences, seek advice, give advice (although unsolicited), and make friends.

I should mention, the one blog of many which I read – which led to the inception of the thought in my mind to write my own blog. A lady whose writing style I like and appreciate. Dear amazing mom of, thank you.

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One Response to The balancing act…

  1. Chebbs says:

    I have NO clue how you (and others like you) walk the fine line with seeming ease, but hats off to you all!

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