Mamma clean bowled!

Sonny: “Mamma, why do you want to buy a new water bottle for Dottie? No need. It causes so much global warming. You know where they come from? All the way from China. They put in in a truck and drive down here. Thats a lot of smoke from the truck getting into our air. No need to buy anything plastic.


Brother and sister are discussing the republic day parade on Rajpath.
Sonny: “Oh. They are the Ground Army, Air Army and Water Army right?”

Dottie: (rolls her eyes and makes a ‘holier than thou’ face) “How silly is that! Its not Air Army, its the Air Force!”

Sonny: “Then what is the water army called?”

Dottie: (Unsure, looking around to see no one hears her) “Er..Water Force.”


Sonny: Mamma, my friend told me, that a cell flies from daddy to mommy and that is why a baby gets looks like mommy and daddy both. But HOW?? Does the cell have wings? Where is it sitting?


Dottie: “Mamma, Mamma” (Panick stricken yells from the room after being tucked in good night) “Sonny is saying there are ghosts in our room.”

Mamma goes and gives Sonny boy a stern warning to not scare his sister. Gives a lecture on how there are no ghosts, and how they dont have to worry when there mamma is around. Go to bed it is late.

Ten minutes later,

Dottie: “Mamma, Mamma” (Super panick stricken yells from the room after being tucked in good night) “Sonny is saying mamma is also a ghost!”


Sonny watches intently as I make the ‘naivedya thali’ – offering for the gods on the holi festival. I make a small puran poli, and remind him to not put a claim on it. It is for the Jai Bappa.

“Why do the gods not eat your poli mamma? Because they dont like it? Or because they are not real?”


Mamma clean bowled.

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2 Responses to Mamma clean bowled!

  1. Cool header pic.Hilarious post! :)I like the joke 'Water force' the most. 🙂

  2. Poet Mamma says:

    @Chandrika Shubham: Thank you! Thanks for stopping by!

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