The one and only mighty Sun
Is all set to throw his big tantrum
The dreaded summer is almost here
I wish I lived in the southern hemisphere!

The power grid crashes
From the burden of the masses
Dwindling water supply
All resources running dry

The helpless irate beings
Tell the same old whiny story
Thrown at the hopeless mercy
Of the forever rising mercury

But little things from old memories
Bring a big and thankful respite
Look for these charms all around
They will make this journey light

Listen for the laughter
And the bright and cheerful chatter
Of the children free at play
Hey, it’s the summer holidays!

It is time for our favorite delicious King
Best little gift that the earth can bring
Taste of heaven in juicy yellow bites
I hope we get plenty, no need to fight!

The ‘just right’ coolness
Of water in earthen pots
The soothing smell of wet ‘Khus’
Nowadays is all but forgot

The home made cool drinks
Raw mangoes, squeezed lemon rinds
Some unrestricted water-play
On a rare occasional lucky day

The calm and cloudless starry nights
On the terrace with mosquito bites
The unending long chats
With mother and the younger brat

We will ride through too this time
Until fragrance of wet earth divine,
Tap dance of raindrops,
On heated rooftops
Will calm down the tempers, and please the irked gods

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One Response to Summer…

  1. greenspace says:

    very well poeted :-)paints a picture of the goodness and the harsh nature of this season called summer.

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