Of the BIG match…

First, the world was split
Into two different clans
The chin up and snub types
And screaming ardent fans

I was on the former side
To my dismay, in minority
Battles for the remote were won
Every time by the ‘seniority’

Now the crazy cricket fever
Has reached an all time high
All are caught in its mad fervor,
And oops! Just realized, so am I!

All are high on wild emotions
Mixed with outrageous superstitions
Old and young, equally worked up
Facebook too has ‘ODed’ on the world cup

To my clueless friends from far west
I give an analogy that may suit best
You may not comprehend all the noise
But this totally beats a Superbowl on steroids

Deserted desks, deserted roads
Now please forget the political innuendos
Today is the big day, it’s time to detox
Reserve your spot in front of the box

Billion together, age or class no bar
The nation will cheer, this is almost war
Sorry folks, I got to go join them too
And start cheering for my men in blue!

— Poet Mamma

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One Response to Of the BIG match…

  1. now its the time for cricket mania…

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