Bell bajao…on the road.

I did ring the bell. Actually honked the horn and stopped domestic violence.

This morning, I was driving as usual to drop the kids to school when I witnessed a commotion near a roadside construction site. A construction worker was thrashing a woman mercilessly in public. Dozens of yellow hats standing around and watching the spectacle, right on the main road. I slowed down and pulled the car on the side, right in front of the man and started honking. Continuously. He stopped. The woman looked at me and an amazing thing happened. She got up, gathered herself, and hit back at the man. Twice. He started yelling at her, but did not raise his hand again. They both started walking ahead, the yellow hat crowd walking with them. I followed a bit. Then rolled down my window – and told the guy walking behind him, loudly – “Usko bolo marna nahi – police ko bhej doongi idhar” (Tell him not to hit again, I will call the cops). He heard that, and started running away towards the construction site. The crowd dispersed. I went on my way to the school.

Had a tough time fielding questions from the back seat later.”Mamma, why was he hitting her so much? Thats a very bad thing to do.” “Mamma, will he hit her again? what will happen then? Who will protect her?”

I just hope and pray, that she, and many others, unknown, find the courage and confidence to protect themselves. Just like she did today, in that flashing moment.

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