Last comic standing…will be me!

I have been quite swamped lately. Not having the time and mind space to churn out ’em blogs. Have quite a few things in the cooker – not been able to finish and publish them.

But this sudden inspiration this very second comes from my sonny boy who never ceases to be a material provider. I should participate in the “last comic standing” or its corresponding Indian rip off what-ever-its-name-is.

Here are some of the latest off spins:

Sonny (confident, know it all, with a halo around the head, giving gyaan to a friend): “When India became free we called it Independance Day. When America became free.. it is called Ameripendance Day. You know there is also a Pakipendance day.”


Mamma: “There are 3 types of living beings in the food chain pyramid. Primary consumers, secondary consumers and…?”

Sonny: “Thirdinary consumers?”

For some reason, I remembered my birthday party last year, and thought I should pen down that experience before I hit the next one this year.

It is fun to have your birthdays when energetic young family members (aka your children) are very excited about it and are planning a surprise. Oh…I remember being VERY surprised. Two times. First, they declared to an elevator full of strange people – flashing big proud smiles at them “Its our mamma’s birthday today! She turned 34!” I had no option other than to smile sheepishly at the people who were wishing me politely in return. Including the young twenty something (?) who was observing me top to bottom. (Hey whats your problem lady?). Second, I got a call from a dear neighbor – “Happy birthday, I got an invitation for a surprise party in your house from your 5 year old boy. I am calling you before every flat in the building gets the invite.” I thanked her, and sprung into action to hunt down my devil duo in the corridor holding a bunch of torn notebook papers which they hastily hid behind them in their sweaty palms. I brought them back home and pretended to be clueless of their “surprise”. I quickly informed daddy and he took charge. Crumpled “invites” to a birthday party at our residence were confiscated from the sweaty palms. They were nicely made – with a very unbecoming scribbled picture of me with really long arms and legs. Pink hearts and yellow smiling faces all over. I was happy to see that they had got the address correct down to flat number and floor.

I was banished to my bedroom – not allowed to come out while daddy and the kids decorated the place with some streamers and balloons. Later a few of the little friends turned up at the door for the surprise party. They said that their moms had politely declined to attend the party because they had some work. Never mind. I was called out ceremoniously to welcoming but shrill yells of SURPIZZEEE!!! I was so so surprized! We cut the cake and served my 5-6 year old guests some popcorn. I collected a few hand made greeting cards full of colorful crayon scribbles. Then it was time to ship the ‘firends’ back to their homes. Party was over. But nobody budged. They started hovering around me – expectantly watching my every move. Then I realized. Forgot the goody bag! I threw a bunch of chocolates and pencils from the stationery supplies in small ziplock bags and handed each one to my little friends. Then they happily disappeared.

Mamma had the best surprise party ever! Remember that daddy – my birthday is just a few months away!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the style…

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