Sibling revelry

You were…

A first hazy memory
Of someone just like me, but
Very different.
A mystery.

You were…

The one who took a share
Of all that was just mine,
Until then.
A partner.

You came…

I so wanted to fight,
I couldn’t fight my own delight
So new.
A surprise.

You were…

There to laugh and play
On my side almost always,
Fairly faithful.
A friend.

You were…

There for me to race
To try and get ahead
And compete.
A rival.

You made…

My life about complete
Both sour and sweet
For the time being, then
At least.

You are…

A part of me, the child
That still remains in my mind
In spite of Time
By gone.

We change…

We try in vain to hold
The sand escaping the fist
Things dont remain the same, except
In memories.

We separate…

On different paths we head
To exciting new lives,
The old one remains but a memory,

I hope…

To hold on to that old thread
To make the new lives intersect
To find new ways to come home
Like old times.

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3 Responses to Sibling revelry

  1. Rooshi says:

    This is good. Once you move away from compulsive rhyming, new rhythms, new patterns come to fore 🙂

  2. Chatter Box says:

    Nice, one. I finally found your blog!:-) Keep writing and I shall keep reading.

  3. Poet Mamma says:

    @ Rooshi: thankya.:-)@ Chatterbox: Thank you! I am glad you visited 🙂

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