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End of the day…

A busy eveningLike any otherRushing to followThe souls into the night Some rain, but only hesitantLike a promise unfulfilledA false darkness toweringOn already dimmed light A vacuum in the mindLike an empty canvasShielded somehowFrom all outside noise Interactions, so routineReal … Continue reading

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Saga of the overrated domestic help…

I recently read about a survey which says that a whopping 87% of women in India feel stressed all the time. India tops the list of countries which were ranked on percentage of women who were stressed. Guess what? Yours … Continue reading

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शुभ्र मेघ सरले कृष्ण तेच तरले पंखांना ओल हि भार पक्षी उडोनी थकले गर्द हरित ती धारा कुंद कुंद हा वारामन झाले ओले चिंब अनुभवती तन हि शहारा सर सर ये जलधाराप्रीतीचा आसमंत साराभरुनी वाहे ओली माया मावे न हर्ष … Continue reading

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A poem for all little girls out there. (Ok, big ones too!) 🙂 I likeTo splash in puddlesRoll on the grassRide my bike a bit too fast!So what? I will,Climb on trees,Chase those bees,Catch some yucky bugs as I please!So … Continue reading

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