A poem for all little girls out there. (Ok, big ones too!) 🙂

I like
To splash in puddles
Roll on the grass
Ride my bike a bit too fast!
So what?

I will,
Climb on trees,
Chase those bees,
Catch some yucky bugs as I please!
So what?

I can
Make some mess
Play with dirt
Get some nasty stuff on my shirt!
So what?

I am
Not at all scared
Of bullies unfair
Even if, its the big boys out there!
So what?

I can
Be just as strong
And I just as might
Make them cry if they start a fight!
So what?

But still
I love to play house
with tea sets and dolls
I am a little girly girl in a pretty pink frock!
So what?

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2 Responses to So WHAT?

  1. Absolutely. So what? 🙂 It's still tougher for boys to do lowly, girlie things like play with dolls and pretend to cook!

  2. Poet Mamma says:

    @IHM – Actually thats true! Little boys have more pressure to conform to the stereotype.

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