End of the day…

A busy evening
Like any other
Rushing to follow
The souls into the night

Some rain, but only hesitant
Like a promise unfulfilled
A false darkness towering
On already dimmed light

A vacuum in the mind
Like an empty canvas
Shielded somehow
From all outside noise

Interactions, so routine
Real and virtual
Drowned by fatigue
From searching identity

Too much said,
Too much heard
Self doubt, self tout
Wars with words

Finally, a touch
Caring and comforting
Some peaceful moments
A reminder of your being

An end of a day
The next one, kept waiting
Again to continue
The search for a meaning

A 10 minute poem. No changes, no edits. Just a reflection of the mood at the end of a long hectic tiring day!

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2 Responses to End of the day…

  1. Poet Mamma says:

    @Saru – Thanks you and thanks for visiting!

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