Pearls of Wisdom

All along, you were always there
A friend? A foe?
I did not know
Until I sat in the dentist’s chair!

All along, did you make me wise?
A speck of white
You were out of sight
You weighed too much for your tiny size!

I cannot fathom what ‘gets’ me more
The fear insane?
Inflicted pain?
Or a purse with a big fat gaping hole

Oh lord, I just cant wait to say
Good riddance!
With a vengeance
I have had enough of your power play!

Never again, will I face the horror
I swear! I curse!
Tighten my purse
And flee from this white hall of terror

And yet again, I have to return
To pull the others
Your evil brothers
Oh hell, here comes another heart burn!

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