Thou shall not speak.

Even when you see,
In your everyday life
A child, unwashed, and unfed
A rag in little hands, but not a pencil
Carrying the burden of her own young life
Not knowing where the future will go
As luxury cars go flashing by
Motorcades, of the high and mighty
The keepers, of our sovereignity
Just close your eyes, and your mind
And remember,
Thou shall not speak.

Even when you know,
A mother, a daughter, a woman,
Judgement thrust upon her, since childhood
Of what to wear, how to live, whom to love
A voice, never granted and rights, denied
Carrying the scars of violence,
Sometimes on the body,
Sometimes on the soul.
Crying silent tears,
Sometimes openly,
Sometimes behind closed doors.
Doors of makeshift straw huts,
Doors of modest flats,
Doors of luxury mansions
But remember,
Thou shall not speak.

Even when you face,
Self proclaimed protectors of religion
Guardians of their own gods, but not of mankind
They breed contempt and intolerance
Instill fear, and rage alike,
Explosions rattle many lives.
And we search for broken humanity
In the rubble of demolished history
In the ashes of burnt scriptures of knowledge
They rejoice, in their twisted morality.
And yet again, the buddhas weep
But remember,
Thou shall not speak.

Even when you hear
About the death of the one
Who toiled his land, to feed the nation
He cannot keep up
With the rule of concrete
Of fast cars and suits
With many mouths to feed
Darkness and hunger
Engulfs the nation
Still dutifully he votes in election
His decision, tainted by desperation
He finally gives up
Helpless and weak
But remember,
Thou shall not speak.

Even when you are told
That this mighty nation
Revels in pride of a sound constitution
You must not say a word
Nor show the contradictions
Be thankful for the freedom,
But you cannot raise questions.
Who are you to question?
What more do you seek?
Remember, the dictum
Thou shall not speak.

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4 Responses to Thou shall not speak.

  1. Poet Mamma says:

    Thank you dear anonymous.

  2. Simply superb! Seems like the last stanza reflects ur view on the ongoing discussion of monitoring online content… Keep going!!

  3. Poet Mamma says:

    Vaishnavi, you are spot on. The recent happenings in media, Kapil Sibal's views and the uproar against it in social media was what inspired this one.In general, it is a protest against all forces and mindsets that suppress freedom of expression and thought.Thanks for appreciating!

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