A pet peeve

A teeny tiny soul
Her destiny unknown
Eyes bright and hopeful
Innocent and grateful
Can’t we bring her home?
Why not? Why not?

Stranded in that place
Crowded, but lonely
Perky little ears
Waiting just to hear
Her name being called
Hers, amongst them all!
Can’t we call her ours?
Why not? Why not?

The soft insistent whimper
Drowned by big scary growls
Yearning for attention
Some care and affection
Can’t we be her guardian angels?
Why not? Why not?

You again use that ploy
And ask me to justify
Reasons aren’t good enough
To just dismiss all this stuff
Is it not worth the hype?
We aren’t of that type?
Why not? Why not?

3WW prompt words: Growl, Hype, Justify

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4 Responses to A pet peeve

  1. Meeta says:

    Lovely – You write well!:-) Keep it going and congrats on moving to word press.

  2. Hey, Mamma! Told you I’d stop by from 3WW. WordPress is my favorite; much more flexible than Blogger, and Google runs the world anyway, so it was, for me, an act of pure rebellion to quit them!
    Your poem speaks in the voice of a persistent child. My child. But we never went anywhere but a shelter for our cats, and then, it was with the express purpose of coming home with a new someone for our family. I love this kid, this voice. Your obviously live up to your name!
    Peace, Amy

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