Eyes, tight shut,
Forehead wrinkles
In disapproval

Fingers curl,
Tightened fists
Gather strength

Resistance, inevitable
The change, perplexing,
Now unbearable

Then finally,
A bellow of protest.
Life begins.

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2 Responses to Beginning

  1. Sounds a bit macabre, but It just occurred to me that these words apply also to the Girl from Guwahati. Except the last line. ….

    • Poetmamma says:

      Wow, that is one way I never imagined this poem to mean. It was an expression for birth, the beginning of a life, which is usually a happy experience for others but may be unsettling for the newborn.

      But now, that I read it again after your comment…changing the last line can give a macabre twist to this poem.

      Thanks for your comment, Suranga tai.

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