Closing eyes
Reminiscing visions
Of journey, long

Calmness, unperturbed
Settled on face
Of wrinkled wisdom

Lips, curved
Smile of knowledge
Of vanity in being

Joy, sorrow
Failure, triumph
Forgotten, almost.

Existence, encompassed
By the moment, definite
Finally, peace.

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2 Responses to End

  1. Excellent poem! And together with “Beginning” makes a good bookend set. Two unsolicited comments as always however – “settled on face” was a jarring line for some reason, and “vanity” in modern usage doesn’t mean pointlessness, but superficiality/ cosmetic focus etc. Just nitpicks really…

    • Poetmamma says:

      Thanks for your candid comment Hrishi! The dual meanings/interpretation of the word is the part of the experience of the poem. Reader can draw either meaning, and it will make sense.

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