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No Country for Women

The last month of last year brought us a dark incident, which triggered a mass reaction. A reaction that questions the very core of our social and cultural being. It is not about the rape of that unknown woman. It … Continue reading

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The day of the girl

A flower in the urban wild A girl? No, it’s just a child, Dusty, dry, disheveled hair Practiced expression of despair Infant cradled in her arms Grubby palm taps the clean glass Eyes, defiant, sharp and bright Almost contradicting her … Continue reading

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Of Women’s Day and Celebrations

“Happy Woman’s Day!” comes the cheerful greeting my way. I reciprocate wholeheartedly. And then I pause to think. So what am I being happy about? What are we celebrating? Is being a woman an achievement? I did not choose to … Continue reading

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Thou shall not speak.

Even when you see, In your everyday life A child, unwashed, and unfed A rag in little hands, but not a pencil Carrying the burden of her own young life Not knowing where the future will go As luxury cars … Continue reading

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Stand up. Speak up. Reach out.

This month is being observed in the blogosphere for spreading awareness about violence against women. You can read about this initiative, survivor stories, and articles from other bloggers at Violence Against Women Awareness Month 2011 Women face violence in many … Continue reading

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We, The People

A wonder, Unlike any otherIs the force that Binds togetherWe, the people Some call it a godGive it a nameEach one has anotherNever two the sameWe go onIn its given name, We, the people Definitions are createdOf black, of whiteJudgements … Continue reading

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Saga of the overrated domestic help…

I recently read about a survey which says that a whopping 87% of women in India feel stressed all the time. India tops the list of countries which were ranked on percentage of women who were stressed. Guess what? Yours … Continue reading

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Bell bajao…on the road.

I did ring the bell. Actually honked the horn and stopped domestic violence. This morning, I was driving as usual to drop the kids to school when I witnessed a commotion near a roadside construction site. A construction worker was … Continue reading

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It is not that hard…

…to make a difference in a small way! To contribute our very own “khaaricha waata” – a squirrel’s share as the saying goes in Marathi based on the legend of how a tiny squirrel helped to build the ‘Ram Setu’ … Continue reading

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