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All That I Need

Dear lord, dear nature, O being of ethereal stature Give me all that I need To live, grow and nurture Clean air to breathe Some food on my plate And a mostly sound Physiological state A cover from rain And … Continue reading

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Eyes, tight shut, Forehead wrinkles In disapproval Fingers curl, Tightened fists Gather strength Resistance, inevitable The change, perplexing, Now unbearable Then finally, A bellow of protest. Life begins.

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A pet peeve

A teeny tiny soul Her destiny unknown Eyes bright and hopeful Innocent and grateful Can’t we bring her home? Why not? Why not? Stranded in that place Crowded, but lonely Perky little ears Waiting just to hear Her name being … Continue reading

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A myriad of colors and shapes Holding on to a tiny thread Floating above and beyond the blue, Beyond the dreams, Distant, unreachable, almost untrue Looking down upon the world Of similarly different souls Little hands, big hands Tugging at … Continue reading

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Thou shall not speak.

Even when you see, In your everyday life A child, unwashed, and unfed A rag in little hands, but not a pencil Carrying the burden of her own young life Not knowing where the future will go As luxury cars … Continue reading

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Pearls of Wisdom All along, you were always there A friend? A foe? I did not know Until I sat in the dentist’s chair! All along, did you make me wise? A speck of white You were out of sight … Continue reading

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Childhood A simple life, I yearn. Of grace and poise Devoid of noise And a mind eager to learn. Of a distant world, I dream. Of accomplishments And an excitement Fills the eye with an obvious gleam. To scale the mountain, … Continue reading

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Ode to a practical mind…

O my dear mind Don’t be so unfair I know my necessities Are nothing but thread bare Yes, I do understand But does not, my heart It sulks and throws a tantrum On an empty shopping cart! It just cannot … Continue reading

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We, The People

A wonder, Unlike any otherIs the force that Binds togetherWe, the people Some call it a godGive it a nameEach one has anotherNever two the sameWe go onIn its given name, We, the people Definitions are createdOf black, of whiteJudgements … Continue reading

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End of the day…

A busy eveningLike any otherRushing to followThe souls into the night Some rain, but only hesitantLike a promise unfulfilledA false darkness toweringOn already dimmed light A vacuum in the mindLike an empty canvasShielded somehowFrom all outside noise Interactions, so routineReal … Continue reading

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