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The World Before Her – A Review

The World Before Her – A Review. Advertisements

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All That I Need

Dear lord, dear nature, O being of ethereal stature Give me all that I need To live, grow and nurture Clean air to breathe Some food on my plate And a mostly sound Physiological state A cover from rain And … Continue reading

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No Country for Women

The last month of last year brought us a dark incident, which triggered a mass reaction. A reaction that questions the very core of our social and cultural being. It is not about the rape of that unknown woman. It … Continue reading

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The day of the girl

A flower in the urban wild A girl? No, it’s just a child, Dusty, dry, disheveled hair Practiced expression of despair Infant cradled in her arms Grubby palm taps the clean glass Eyes, defiant, sharp and bright Almost contradicting her … Continue reading

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Raising daughters, raising sons

Dottie came back from school all grim and thoughtful yesterday. She read a lesson in her brand new fourth grade English textbook about a girl Meera, and her younger brother Raju, called “Dividing a Mango”. The lesson is about Meera … Continue reading

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Eyes, tight shut, Forehead wrinkles In disapproval Fingers curl, Tightened fists Gather strength Resistance, inevitable The change, perplexing, Now unbearable Then finally, A bellow of protest. Life begins.

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Of Women’s Day and Celebrations

“Happy Woman’s Day!” comes the cheerful greeting my way. I reciprocate wholeheartedly. And then I pause to think. So what am I being happy about? What are we celebrating? Is being a woman an achievement? I did not choose to … Continue reading

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Childhood A simple life, I yearn. Of grace and poise Devoid of noise And a mind eager to learn. Of a distant world, I dream. Of accomplishments And an excitement Fills the eye with an obvious gleam. To scale the mountain, … Continue reading

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Mommy Diary: The guilt factor

I got tagged by the Bride to write about the guilt trip that mothers are susceptible to catch. If you are a mom working out of the house for gainful employment, then chances are you had many instances where you … Continue reading

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We, The People

A wonder, Unlike any otherIs the force that Binds togetherWe, the people Some call it a godGive it a nameEach one has anotherNever two the sameWe go onIn its given name, We, the people Definitions are createdOf black, of whiteJudgements … Continue reading

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