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शुभ्र मेघ सरले कृष्ण तेच तरले पंखांना ओल हि भार पक्षी उडोनी थकले गर्द हरित ती धारा कुंद कुंद हा वारामन झाले ओले चिंब अनुभवती तन हि शहारा सर सर ये जलधाराप्रीतीचा आसमंत साराभरुनी वाहे ओली माया मावे न हर्ष … Continue reading

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Escape to Africa…

It was our 7th anniversary and the hubby was on a project in South Africa. That was the year which was hard for us in a way. We had recently relocated from US so were getting re-adjusted to the forgotten … Continue reading

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