All That I Need

Dear lord, dear nature,
O being of ethereal stature
Give me all that I need
To live, grow and nurture

Clean air to breathe
Some food on my plate
And a mostly sound
Physiological state

A cover from rain
And sun and dirt
Some drops of life
To quench the thirst

So I continue to condition
The flow of my air
Because your atmosphere
Is now beyond repair

I now synthesize
The food that I grow
Its bigger and better
Than your natural store

I now ‘need’ to create
New drinks in plastic
Your water is no longer
As sweet, or fantastic

I am compelled to show
I have much and lot more
Best things, fine clothing
Fast cars, faster gizmos

How else do I fill
My empty spaces?
Or show off my victory to
Friends in high places?

So much is made
There is so much to be had
Who in this world
Do you say is still sad?

Those unfortunate?
Out of sight, out of mind?
Or someone so close
A self, I cant recognize?

Poetmamma wrote for a rhyme and a reason! 😉

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2 Responses to All That I Need

  1. Jayant Diwan says:

    Superb Minu !!! Rhymes emenate from rhythm and the heart beats rhythmatically! So kids like rhyming poems which always thouch heir hearts!!!

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