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Adventures of the culinary kind

So I believe I am an adventurous person. (Some people may disagree, but please ignore them.) I am game to try out new things. I think I manage to sift through the initial hesitations and second thoughts, pinch the nose … Continue reading

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Mommy Diary: The guilt factor

I got tagged by the Bride to write about the guilt trip that mothers are susceptible to catch. If you are a mom working out of the house for gainful employment, then chances are you had many instances where you … Continue reading

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Saga of the overrated domestic help…

I recently read about a survey which says that a whopping 87% of women in India feel stressed all the time. India tops the list of countries which were ranked on percentage of women who were stressed. Guess what? Yours … Continue reading

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It was the Good Friday last week. It was also the day when summer holidays commenced, with much fanfare and rejoicing in our household. Since Mamma had a holiday too, and the next holiday is really faar faaar away, we … Continue reading

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Last comic standing…will be me!

I have been quite swamped lately. Not having the time and mind space to churn out ’em blogs. Have quite a few things in the cooker – not been able to finish and publish them. But this sudden inspiration this … Continue reading

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And I won it…

I had blogged for the Earth Hour contest here and I won it. 🙂 Thanks you BlogAdda for the nice T Shirt and Mug. Now planning another kids event in the complex for recycling awareness!

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Mamma clean bowled!

Sonny: “Mamma, why do you want to buy a new water bottle for Dottie? No need. It causes so much global warming. You know where they come from? All the way from China. They put in in a truck and … Continue reading

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Escape to Africa…

It was our 7th anniversary and the hubby was on a project in South Africa. That was the year which was hard for us in a way. We had recently relocated from US so were getting re-adjusted to the forgotten … Continue reading

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Essence of a woman…

She is strength herselfBut vulnerable at timesShe enduresThe wrath of mankind But she has stood the test of timeAgain and again she has risen to shineShe is the creator of lifeThough ignored by manmade strife She is hard but soft … Continue reading

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The balancing act…

I am a working mom of eight year old Dottie and six and a half year old Sonny. We did our regular 7 year stint in the US during the IT boom of late nineties, and planned and successfully returned … Continue reading

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