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Of the BIG match…

First, the world was splitInto two different clansThe chin up and snub typesAnd screaming ardent fans I was on the former sideTo my dismay, in minorityBattles for the remote were wonEvery time by the ‘seniority’ Now the crazy cricket feverHas … Continue reading

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The one and only mighty SunIs all set to throw his big tantrumThe dreaded summer is almost hereI wish I lived in the southern hemisphere! The power grid crashesFrom the burden of the massesDwindling water supplyAll resources running dry The … Continue reading

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Mamma clean bowled!

Sonny: “Mamma, why do you want to buy a new water bottle for Dottie? No need. It causes so much global warming. You know where they come from? All the way from China. They put in in a truck and … Continue reading

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It is not that hard…

…to make a difference in a small way! To contribute our very own “khaaricha waata” – a squirrel’s share as the saying goes in Marathi based on the legend of how a tiny squirrel helped to build the ‘Ram Setu’ … Continue reading

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Happy Holi Day!

Bright pink of happinessAnd dark green sereneMay warmth of the yellowBring joy to your dreams Let the brave red Lead you further aheadWith resolve and courageFrom the confident orange And do not forgetThe kindness of blueBut the fairness of whiteLet … Continue reading

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Escape to Africa…

It was our 7th anniversary and the hubby was on a project in South Africa. That was the year which was hard for us in a way. We had recently relocated from US so were getting re-adjusted to the forgotten … Continue reading

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Who truely knows what to do Does anyone really have a clue? But we do go on so to say And laugh at other’s dismay A brave face is so put on Smug grins and pointed horns Always ready to … Continue reading

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What will I be?

Oh my dearest mommy Wonder what will I be? It takes a really long time But I cant wait to see! I cant wait to grow And put up an awesome show I am a musician I think Like a … Continue reading

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Essence of a woman…

She is strength herselfBut vulnerable at timesShe enduresThe wrath of mankind But she has stood the test of timeAgain and again she has risen to shineShe is the creator of lifeThough ignored by manmade strife She is hard but soft … Continue reading

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The balancing act…

I am a working mom of eight year old Dottie and six and a half year old Sonny. We did our regular 7 year stint in the US during the IT boom of late nineties, and planned and successfully returned … Continue reading

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