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The World Before Her – A Review

I saw Nisha Pahuja’s critically acclaimed documentary “The World before Her” on Netflix. It is about to release in India this week. It is a powerful and compelling portrait of two extreme opposite ways of life of some women in … Continue reading

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Closing eyes Reminiscing visions Of journey, long Calmness, unperturbed Settled on face Of wrinkled wisdom Lips, curved Smile of knowledge Of vanity in being Joy, sorrow Failure, triumph Forgotten, almost. Existence, encompassed By the moment, definite Finally, peace.

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A myriad of colors and shapes Holding on to a tiny thread Floating above and beyond the blue, Beyond the dreams, Distant, unreachable, almost untrue Looking down upon the world Of similarly different souls Little hands, big hands Tugging at … Continue reading

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S-p-l-i-t Personality

Much has been said about proliferation of social media and emergence of virtual worlds that we all inhabit. First decade of this century has indeed drastically changed the way we, the society live, think, communicate and interact. It has also … Continue reading

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शुभ्र मेघ सरले कृष्ण तेच तरले पंखांना ओल हि भार पक्षी उडोनी थकले गर्द हरित ती धारा कुंद कुंद हा वारामन झाले ओले चिंब अनुभवती तन हि शहारा सर सर ये जलधाराप्रीतीचा आसमंत साराभरुनी वाहे ओली माया मावे न हर्ष … Continue reading

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And I won it…

I had blogged for the Earth Hour contest here and I won it. 🙂 Thanks you BlogAdda for the nice T Shirt and Mug. Now planning another kids event in the complex for recycling awareness!

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Of the BIG match…

First, the world was splitInto two different clansThe chin up and snub typesAnd screaming ardent fans I was on the former sideTo my dismay, in minorityBattles for the remote were wonEvery time by the ‘seniority’ Now the crazy cricket feverHas … Continue reading

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The one and only mighty SunIs all set to throw his big tantrumThe dreaded summer is almost hereI wish I lived in the southern hemisphere! The power grid crashesFrom the burden of the massesDwindling water supplyAll resources running dry The … Continue reading

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Happy Holi Day!

Bright pink of happinessAnd dark green sereneMay warmth of the yellowBring joy to your dreams Let the brave red Lead you further aheadWith resolve and courageFrom the confident orange And do not forgetThe kindness of blueBut the fairness of whiteLet … Continue reading

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