We, The People

A wonder,
Unlike any other
Is the force that
Binds together
We, the people

Some call it a god
Give it a name
Each one has another
Never two the same
We go on
In its given name,
We, the people

Definitions are created
Of black, of white
Judgements passed
On wrongs and rights
Zealously treading the thin line
Are We, the people.

The lines get blurred
And voices drowned
Helplessly trapped
In shades of grey,
And in dirty muddy browns
Are We, the people.

An unending want
Of all that is ours
Obtained finally
with ruthless power
Addiction to power
Now plagues mighty nations
Leading each other to
War and destruction
Are We, the people

Hunger, poverty
And problems of plenty
Ego and pity
And mob mentality
Ruled by them all
And fading sanity
Are We, the people.

Caught in unending
Routine transactions
Pulling on in face of
Stark contradictions
Searching for order
But finding dysfunction
Are We, the people.

Anger and angst
Happiness and grief
Apathy, sympathy
Faith and disbelief
Bound by disparate emotions
Are We, the people.

Inhabiting this planet
For generations
Building the fabric
Of civilization
This life, and, its very existence
Are We, the people.

And yet, we wonder
What is the force
That binds us together?
Neither knowing
Nor believing
It’s We, the people.

— by Poet Mamma

Edited to Add: This poem was selected by blogadda as one of their spicy saturday picks! Yay!!

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5 Responses to We, The People

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely poem.very thoughtful… well, I think here creativity ,need to express, thoughtfulness is the force which binds us together …. 🙂

  2. Mr.Jovita says:

    very deep and very thought provoking.. nice poem :)http://taintedfingers.blogspot.com/

  3. Mithlash says:

    Wow….your climax of the poem is extremly gud:)

  4. Poet Mamma says:

    @Anon – Thanks for your thoughtfulwords@Jovita – thanks@Mithlash – thanks

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