What will I be?

Oh my dearest mommy
Wonder what will I be?
It takes a really long time
But I cant wait to see!

I cant wait to grow
And put up an awesome show
I am a musician I think
Like a rockstar I will sing

It isnt just by chance
When you see my fingers dance
On the keyboard with an ease
I need an audience to please

Or may be I will be a baker
Selling goodies is a sureshot maker
Delicious cakes when I bake
Plenty of moneys I will make

Or should I be a Kung Fu Master?
When I get the black black belt
If anyone gives me trouble then
A chop and a kick will set them straight!

Or I will work in daddy’s office!
Sit in a whirling twirling chair
Aboard the airplane always I will be
Happily flying in the air!

I will be beeg,
And i will be strong!
I will be rich,
I will do no wrong!

My dear little boy
Mommy’s voice cracks
Did you drink your milk?
Did you eat your snack?

First, clean your nose
Wait, here I come
Do you need help
To wash your bum?

The pint sized monkey
Jumps on her back
Mommy hugs him tight
Her eyes a little moist

She looks at the chubby cheeks
Of her baby on the picture wall
She pats his scrawny back
Scraped by many many falls

— by Poet Mamma (9-March-2011)

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One Response to What will I be?

  1. Chebbs says:

    Is that a real pic of sonny?! Nice poem too..Like I said earlier..keep them coming! 🙂

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